Mission Statement

Mission Statement on May Day March 2011.

May Day, International Workers’ Day, has particular meaning to the working class of the world. It is a time for renewal of the struggle for justice, particularly in the workplace. Justice in our world has different meanings but May Day recognizes that the vast majority of the population must take waged work in order to survive. Work, paid and unpaid, is the universal human condition.

May Day recognizes that the power for change is in the hands of the workers. It recognizes that workers themselves, armed with knowledge derived from universal public education, know that the world is in crisis and that only a working class movement can find a new path. The struggle for clean energy, food, drinkable water, safe housing, universal public health care and universal old age security, world peace and an end to racism will only come about when the workers, those who produce all wealth, rise up and find common cause with their fellow workers throughout the world. A healthy, safe and meaningful life for all humanity is possible.

The struggle for justice is ongoing and winnable. On May 1st, 2011 we’ll make that point in a march in the streets of Victoria, BC. Victoria, in unceded Coast Salish territory, is the capital of the Province of British Columbia, one of the wealthiest places on earth. We intend to inspire Canada and the world by reaffirming our solidarity with the working people of our community.

“In our hands is placed a power greater than their hoarded gold.

Greater than the might of armies magnified a thousand fold.”

(Solidarity Forever – Ralph Chaplin 1916)

We ask that you join us in the planning and execution of this event. Contact us at maydayvictoria@gmail.com. We ask that unionized workers call upon their union locals to endorse this march. We ask that all workers and their families join us on May 1st in Victoria.

“¡No pasarán!”

(“they shall not pass”- a keynote slogan in the 1930’s in struggles in Spain, France and England against fascism)

Hasta la victoria, Siempre!

(“onward to victory, forever”- the closing words in Che Guevara’s letter to Fidel as Che left for Bolivia to spread the revolution)

The Victoria May Day Committee


About vanislewobs

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch for Vancouver Island
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3 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. Hogtown Harry says:

    Marching, singing, shouting, chanting, drumming. All the things that make us a community. There’s going to be food, camraderie and laughter too. “Every meeting a party and every party a meeting.”

  2. Smokey Dymny says:

    Art F. (Victoria) and Smokey (myself, Quadra Island) performed at the 2010 Miner’s Memorial Day events. Yet, at the Courtenay doc’s film fest last weekend I saw the Labour people and they had a full schedule of Mayworks! events already all booked up. They didn’t contact us, and tho I spoke to Megan(?) I got the impression that getting included now would be a little late. Is this what we can always expect from these folks or does someone know how you get into these events when they are still being planned? I have a union band in rehearsals now, so by MayDay we could have a shit-hot presence, but this lack of inclusion is daunting.

  3. Smokey Dymny says:

    According to my research, R.Chaplin began writing Solidarity Forever when he was editing a labour paper in West Virginia during the Kanawha Valley coal mining strike in 1912. He finished writing it in January 1915 while lying on his living room rug in Chicago for Lucy Parsons, who was leading a hunger march. It first appeared in “Solidarity” on January 9th, 1915 and then in the 9th edition IWW Songbook in 1916.
    Therefore the publication date should read: 1915.

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