May Day United

New York, NY- Worker and community-based organizations around the
country announced today that they will build a national network to
promote a dynamic day of action for quality jobs and workers’ rights on
May 1, 2011, International Workers Day. The network, May Day United,
will work with local groups across the country to power a spirited
response to the extreme attacks taking place against working people and
their labor unions in the public and private sectors and to challenge
the increasing exploitation of immigrant workers and their families.

“Public workers are fighting heroically for the rights of unions in
Wisconsin and other states. Immigrants and students are organizing
against racial profiling and the ban on ethnic studies in Arizona. While
the backs of working families are against the wall, people are out in
the streets and are fighting back,” said David Bacon, the workers’
rights journalist. “The May Day marches this year will give us the
chance to bring these efforts together, and show that we?re all fighting
for the same thing?jobs, equality, and basic rights.”

Inspired by the historic May Day actions of 2006, the massive protests
in Wisconsin, the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, and the original
struggle for the eight-hour work day commemorated by May 1st actions
around the globe, May Day United invites everyday working families
across the country to stand together against increasing corporate and
governmental assaults on the right to join a union and the right to work
free of anti-immigrant discrimination.? Organizations can join the
network at

May Day United will not be directly organizing demonstrations on May 1st
– the network will use organizing, compelling digital and print
materials, as well as legal support to increase participation in
existing May Day demonstrations and assist communities in organizing
their own actions.

The organizations that have come together to build the network expect
that many groups around the country will respond to the call for dynamic
and assertive actions on May 1, 2011 in favor of jobs with dignity and
true equality. The convening organizations, listed below, issued a call
to action today which can be viewed and endorsed at


May Day United is an emerging national network of worker and
community-based organizations promoting dynamic actions on May 1st, 2011
for jobs with dignity and true equality. The network is on the web at, on Facebook at , and on Twitter at .


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