May Day March – Nanaimo and Victoria

The Nanaimo May Day March, was organized by CHLY Community Radio and the Van Isle IWW Branch. About 40 people took part in the march and 80 to 90 were at the rally at any one time. Music was provided by among others, a marching band, Sean Phillips and Puzzleroot. FW Larry spoke on the origins and significance of May Day and Gilberto about May Day in El Salvador. Everyone thought it was a great success, considering it was our first march in over 50 years. A big thanks to everyone who took part in organizing the event.

May Day Victoria -For the first time in many years Victorians marched on May Day. About 60 or so marched with over 100 at the rally. Prior to Marching the crowd was addressed by the likes of  Fredrick Douglas,Joseph Ettor, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn,Big Bill Haywood,  Judi Bari and Michael Moore.  Accompanied by drumming and chanting, the May Day March proceeded through the heart of the Victoria tourist district and onto the hall for refreshments, music and to be joined by the May Day For Wild Salmon Walk and Rally.


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The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch for Vancouver Island
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